About Us

Stephanie–I am a 49 year old (for a few more months) who loves her husband, children, the BBC, bike riding, kitchen gear and gadgets (I might currently have a Weck jar obsession)  and cooking. I spend my days working at a private university in the Admission Office and spend my weekends in my home.  My children both live far away with their partners (Megan and John in Boston and Mitch and Rochele in Los Angeles)  and I miss cooking with them and feeding them–and I miss them.   Megan and I bridge the distance by texting pictures and comments back and forth of our latest adventures in the kitchen.  Neither of us are big on phone conversations, but we are great at texting!  While I’ve been a vegetarian I now consider myself a flexitarian as I live with a carnivore and try to keep him happy.  Unlike Megan, I am a recipe girl–I try to let it flow but I really am a recipe follower, though I make a mean manhattan sans recipe! Stop by for dinner sometime!

Megan — I am a twenty-something human being who recently moved with my husband and cat to Cambridge, MA, where he is going to grad school. I am a teacher, and am currently teaching fifth grade. I love exploring the city on foot and by public transportation, traveling, scouring blogs and books for new recipes, going to plays, reading (does listening to audiobooks count?), learning, looking at cute animals, looking at leaves and flowers, cooking, drinking, and eating. I’m the vegetarian type, but I do force myself to eat the fruits of the sea and the fishes occasionally. I don’t know what Stephanie is talking about, because I do follow recipes. If you’re in the Boston area, come on by!


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